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Doug Band Press

Below please find various information about Doug Band, co-founder and President of Teneo. This list includes articles, press coverage and other items about Mr. Band and his career achievements.



Travis Kalanick has hired ‘CEO advisory’ firm Teneo to improve his tarnished image

Travis Kalanick has hired ‘CEO advisory’ firm Teneo to improve his tarnished image, Aug 3, 2017

Ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has hired high-profile “CEO advisory” firm Teneo to help him manage his own embattled interests, according to several sources close to the situation.

So, get ready for some positive stories on the embattled entrepreneur via open-hearted interviews (except to heartless Recode, because we always get left out of those for being too mean to delicate tech executives)! Enter Teneo, which was founded by a trio of execs — Declan Kelly, Doug Band and Paul Keary — with close ties to Democratic power players like Bill and Hillary Clinton. They have branched out with a variety of services in 12 divisions and — via a combination of hiring big-name “formers” (former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, former NYC top cop William Bratton) — have attracted giant corporate clients such as Dow Chemical.

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The World’s 7 Most Powerful Liberals

The World’s 7 Most Powerful Liberals, November 2, 2015

The most powerful political brand in the country– no better yet, in the world is the Clinton brand. Bill Clinton is simply the most sought after campaign surrogate in the nation- not to mention the work of the Clinton foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Clinton Presidential Library. All of this passes through the hands of Doug Band, the former President’s aide, advisor, and right hand man. Band is a Florida Gator who has his teeth in a lot of things.

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Bill Clinton Urged Florida Democrat to Quit Bid

Bill Clinton Urged Florida Democrat to Quit Bid, October 28, 2010

Former President Bill Clinton last week almost succeeded in persuading Kendrick B. Meek, the Democratic nominee for the Senate in Florida, to drop out of the three-way race — but Mr. Meek changed his mind at the last minute, a spokesman for Mr. Clinton said Thursday evening.

Matt McKenna, Mr. Clinton’s spokesman, said the former president had concluded that Mr. Meek’s candidacy was struggling and was urging him to drop out and endorse Charlie Crist, the state’s Republican governor, who is running for the Senate as an independent.

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Bill Clinton’s Mystery Aide in North Korea

Bill Clinton’s Mystery Aide in North Korea, August 9, 2009

Who is the Bill Clinton aide who played a key role along with the former president on his recent rescue mission of two American journalists in North Korea?
The answer is no mystery to Washington insiders.
His name is Douglas J. Band, the man who played a behind-the-scenes role to help free the American women. His image was captured on video as he assisted the two Americans with their luggage on the final steps to freedom from the tarmac of the North Korean airport.

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The Gator Behind Bill Clinton

The Gainesville Sun, February 4, 2009

Life Is A Globe-trotting Adventure for Uf Grad Doug Band — Chief Counselor To The Former President.

His official title is Counselor to President Clinton, but “counselor” only begins to describe Doug Band’s job.
The 1995 University of Florida grad describes his globe-trotting, nonstop life withClinton as “being him for him.”
“My job is to be as close as I can be to being him when he’s not available,” Band says. And it seems to be working: “My hair is almost as gray as his now,” the 35-year-old jokes.

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